January 27th, 2003

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Just in case there are any people here who are interested who missed the announcements that have already been made in news, lj_support and syn_promo, a new official LJ community, lj_syndication, has been created. This community is for discussion and announcements relating to the development of syndication features on LJ. Some of you may wish to join.

Additionally, the issue ofcrossposting between there and here was raised. jproulx suggested, and I agree, that crossposting really isn't necessary and that stuff relating to syndication should, under most circumstances, be kept in the new community. Unless there's a sufficiently large outcry against this, or a good reason not to, then I'll announce this no crossposting rule as official policy over there somewhere within the next couple of days.
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Error in LJ USER tag input messes up talkread.bml


The user reportedly entered the following code in one of her comments:

<lj user="ladyuamvar likes chili

She continued on with her comment and then posted. Note that she forgot to end the LJ USER tag with an end-quote (though quotes aren't necessary at all) and the closing > sign.

I believe that these missing items are the cause for the mess on the rest of the page.

I suggest that the HTML cleaner be re-adjusted to clean up some of these user errors. Is this possible? If so, I will post a bug to Zilla about it. I just didn't want to go right to Zilla without knowing that this is possible.

I guess another good question is - is LJ responsible for cleaning up user's typos? I thought a good rule of thumb would be "one user's comments should not affect the rest of the page." But is that LJ's stance?

Thanks for any and all input!