January 18th, 2003

LiveJournal Add-In for Word

I just joined the community, so this is my introduction, hello. This is a LiveJournal add-in I just wrote for Word:
Toolbar Picture
People who are like me and tend to write things in Word before they paste them into a LiveJournal client might get some use out of this. It basically just adds the appropriate tags around your text when you click a button. You can download it here. Right click on it and save it wherever you want. Then open Word and click Tools, then Templates and Add-ins, and then click "add" and point to the file. I'm interested to hear what people think of it (especially if you find bugs).


Since I'm new here, I just thought I'd post and introduce myself. I live and work in central California, where my partner and I own our own computer consulting firm. We do -- and by extension, I do -- Windows, UNIX, Web and PalmOS programming, in more languages than I care to count. I'm a fairly new LJ member -- though I've used other similar sites before -- and looking to be able to make a contribution to the LiveJournal community.
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