January 10th, 2003

Sealab 2021
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The recent changes to ljprotocol.pl do not work correctly for my installations. When I try to add, remove or regroup a friend, I get a bank page with an error that looks like this:

[Error: Unterminated <> operator at (eval 165) line 188.]return $title; _code?>body=>page?>

If I comment out line number 1603 in cgi-bin/ljprotocol.pl ("LJ::invalidate_friends_view_cache($u) if $did_deletes || $friends_added;") everything seems to work fine.

Is this something I have messed up, or is this some sort of a bug?

RSS feeds

Would it be possible to update the RSS code so it checks to see if the URL has already been entered? If the url exists then the entry is updated. This would get rid of some of the duplicate articles that I get as news feeds update stories. Cnet news is really bad for doing this.