January 2nd, 2003



I posted this over at support, and they suggested I bring it here.

I own a webcam, and have a program that works basically like this:

It takes a picture every 6 seconds, and FTP's it to my website (senisub.com), and replaces the picture (webcam32.jpg) every 6 seconds, and I have a webcam page that refreshes every 6 seconds, what I wanted to do, was use that picture as my icon, so basically my icon would change every six seconds.

What I was wondering was if you could make it so you could host your icons off site, that is, host my icon on my webserver, and just have my livejournal point to the picture (http://senisub.com/webcam/webcam32.jpg), I'm sure there are some issues with that but I think it would work out, and it would take some pressure off the LJ servers and allow people to use hi-res images rather than the limited size ones we can use now. Just an idea, thanks.
  • theorb

(Slightly OT): Errors and idempotency?

Hey, all. I just tried updating my journal, and after hitting submit, I got a "proxy error" page (BTW, I'm using no proxies, unless my ISP puts in a transparent proxy without telling me). OK, so I submitted again, got the same. Third time was the charm. Check my journal, and find three coppies. OK, I think, so I'll just delete the extras. Deleted the first OK, but got a strange "can't update selected journal" error trying to delete the second dupe. This time I check, and indeed all three are gone.

I'm not going to file a bugzilla report because I've no idea how to repeat it, and I wanted to bring it up here anyway, because there's a bigger issue -- that of idempotency. When we do get an error on a journal-modifying event, is there some way to make it idempotent -- that is, use a transaction or simply undo the change if there is an error?

I'm afraid I don't know the archetecture of LJ enough to know if this is trivial, near-impossible, or somewhere inbetween.