December 17th, 2002

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  • revjim

MT to LJ

I've written a PHP script that posts an entry to a LiveJournal account using the TrackBack API for input and XML-RPC to speak to LiveJournal. It was intended for use with MovableType, however, it can be used with any TrackBack enabled software. It currently supports most of the LiveJournal functionality, including posting to communities and turning off comments. In fact, if you're reading this post on LiveJournal right now, it is because of this script. Even though the script isn't that complicated, is there enough interest in it to warrant me packaging it up and writing a small tutorial? As...

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  • evan

How do I run S2 styles on my local LJ installation?

After updating to the latest CVS code, use bin/upgrading/ -p to actually insert the s2 styles into the database.

Then with a web browser login to your LJ installation, and visit /admin/console. Run "set stylesys s2". I now see my journal running with the s2 port of the "generator" style.

I haven't figured out how to modify which style you use directly ("set s2_style xx" doesn't work because it's lacking a setter?) but you can change the $DEFAULT_STYLE set in your ~/cgi-bin/ (copy the one in to start with) to change it.

...Any comments from Brad? :)
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  • kemayo


I've been looking at and I'm wondering if I'm just really dumb, and have managed to miss a method for looking at more than just the most popular feeds.

Does such a thing exist, or...?

(Posted in lj_dev because if it doesn't exist then it rather points the way to a feature suggestion. For that matter, even if it does, then it suggests that having a link to it on /syn would be good.)