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December 16th, 2002

New userpic URL format [Dec. 16th, 2002|04:34 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Before, the URL format was:


Now, it's:


The old URLs will continue to work for awhile, but will eventually be turned off. If you have any hard-coded anywhere (in a post or style, perhaps?) you'll have to change them.
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Active Robot Blocking [Dec. 16th, 2002|07:12 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Since all of LJ is served dynamically, it's possible to do active robot blocking, rather than just using <meta> tags to politely tell them to go away.

Here's a list of all known spider IP addresses in use:


I propose we take this data, put it into a robots.dat file with the LJ source, and provide a new option in ljconfig.pl:


Anybody want to work on this? Should be pretty easy, and the paranoid users out there will love you.

Zilla bug:
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