November 26th, 2002


Removing lj-isms; tips on running a LJ shared news site

In setting up my livejournal site, I keep finding bits and pieces which only work on the original site. Anyway, I've got a small patch to bin/upgrading/s1styles.dat; I just replaced with %%cons:siteroot%% . It'd be groovy if someone with access could apply the patch. :)

Oh, BTW, hi. I'm new here. Someone slap me if I'm posting in the wrong place. :)

I've other things to add/fix/change about LJ too, whenever I get around to it. But before I go writing a custom news page for LJ, I should check if someone has already created this: A script to display, in the style of a journal, the most recent X entries in both a journal and that journal's friends. Probably with GET vars for which entry to start on, and how many entries to display.

Everyone running a lj server

This message is to everyone that is running a livejournal server in a production enviorment. If you have over 20 users and would like to be able to be added to I need to find out some info from you. The following info is needed if you wish to be in the server list.

1. Service Name
2. Service URL
3. Path to /interface/flat
4. Path to your FAQ about validation.

1-3 are required 4 is optional but suggested.

I would also need a test account so i can test posting of entries to your service. If your server is closed please create a account called mjtest and any password. Email with the password you choose.

The following services have support added and have been beta tested.

Insane Journal
#glare Journals
Bering Sea Forums

Smack me if this post should not be here.
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