September 23rd, 2002


Spam Prevention

I've noticed the option to mangle your email address from spam bots, but why isn't the option there so we can mangle the msn address as it uses a email address that gets spammed. Just throwing in my 2cents
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  • emerson

"Client error: No mode specified"

Hmmn. In digging around, I'm moderately sure this is probably -not- an lj code error per se, especially since I just started over with a clean copy of the 08/20 tarball. But someone out there might have some idea.

Whenever trying to log in to our instance of the lj code, with -any- client (well, I've tried the Win32 'official' one, Semagic, and LogJam), it refuses to do the login, alleging "Client error: No mode specified". Digging around the code, I begin to suspect that somehow my Apache and/or mod_perl instance is just not setting up the $req structure correctly.

If I get really really OCD about it, I'm sure I can track it down, but I thought I'd pester y'all to see if anyone out there has a quick answer to what could be causing this.

Thanks in advance.