September 4th, 2002

Crochety old Mr. Gruff
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Status of the topics function?

Heya LJ developers. I've been lurking for awhile, but I think I might be poking more actively at LJ now that I've gotten my company to let me install it here as an experiment with intranet-based journalling. I know I'm doomed, but I'll try not to bother you too much.

My first question though: Where do things stand with the topics function? This feature, if I understand it correctly, would be ideal for how we want to use this thing. I was thinking of hacking multi-journal post into things, but if I can just have a single post fall under a handful of topic/categories and then later read by topic... we can have topics for each of our products, departments, projects, clients, etc and any combination thereof.

I'll probably start digging into it meself later...
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RSS Feeds

I'm sure this has been asked a dozen times before (although I'm not sure where), but is anything happening with RSS support? I believe Avva was working on it, but what with the BBC announcing they are going to produce RSS feeds, I'd really like to turn Livejournal into my newsreader.

Oh, while I'm on the subject, when I read my RSS feeds, I read to the top and then remember where I was. That way I can come back and look at them again later. I've noticed that they get listed in order they were created rather than the order they were imported, so that entries can suddenly appear beneath ones I've read. Not terribly useful. Also, sometimes we get duplicate entries from The Register for reasons which escape me. I'm finding the whole RSS import thing incredibly useful, so I'd be super happy for these things to work.