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September 3rd, 2002

Patches [Sep. 3rd, 2002|03:27 pm]
LiveJournal Development



please could someone with sufficient access privileges on Zilla, change the status of this bug to ASSIGNED?

Additionally, I have taken a look at the patch on this bug and would be grateful if someone added the reviewed keyword for me.

I have tried to review as many patches as I could, but unfortunately have run into a bit of trouble on the way. Some of the patches are so old that they can no longer be applied to the newest CVS code. Patches seriously need to be applied quicker!

Anyway, I would be grateful if anyone could spare a minute and test and review my own patches at:

Thanks a lot if you do.
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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2002|04:03 pm]
LiveJournal Development


[music |Leona Ness - I tried to rock you but you only would roll]

I recently read this article posted by aerojad. It got me thinking about searching in LJ. Or rather the lack of good search functionality for journal content.

Actually, I started thinking about this a while ago when this email ended up in my inbox. It references a New York Times article on the subject and suggests some potential research topics.

I'm curious if anyone has thought about these ideas/functionality, and if any work has gone into this with respect to LJ. I think it would be neat to fiddle with.

With the newest versions of mySQL there are now a pretty good way to do fulltext indexing, and it should only get better as this feature is deveoped. If one were to combine this with some interesting ranking metric you could probably build a pretty useful search engine.

What say you?
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Zilla - Conventions [Sep. 3rd, 2002|08:49 pm]
LiveJournal Development


I think it would be nice if we all followed a certain convention when uploading patches to Zilla. In your description field, I would suggest that you preface it with the name of the file modified by the patch. For instance, if I modified the file login.bml, my description field would be:

login.bml - Takes care of setting/deleting the userprop and the cookie

If everyone did this, it would be very easy to see from a list of attachments all the files that were modified by the various attachments. Without writing the filename in the description, you have to click on (view) the patch to see what file it modifies. I think it would just be easiest if everyone placed the filename at the beginning of the description field.

What does everyone else think about this?
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Bundle::LJ [Sep. 3rd, 2002|11:26 pm]
LiveJournal Development


In the process of getting LJ to work I created a bundle for installing the required LJ modules. You can find a copy of the bundle at http://software.tangent.org/download/Bundle-LiveJournal-1.00.tar.gz.

For me it made installing LJ onto multiple machines quite easy (it does expect you to have the stable version of GD).
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