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August 31st, 2002 - LiveJournal Development — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
LiveJournal Development

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August 31st, 2002

LJ dependencies [Aug. 31st, 2002|02:01 am]
LiveJournal Development


I don't yet quite understand how those dependencies at the end of the BML pages work (and what they're for at all), but isn't something missing here? This is from talkread.bml:

link: htdocs/talkpost.bml, htdocs/talkread.bml, htdocs/delcomment.bml
img: htdocs/img/dot.gif, htdocs/img/delcomment.gif

It's missing the link to htdocs/talkscreen.bml and the imgs img/btn_del.gif, img/btn_scr.gif and img/btn_unscr.gif.
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completely off topic..... but i'm going to post it anyways......... [Aug. 31st, 2002|11:40 am]
LiveJournal Development


i started a livejournal typing team at project dolphin. it's ID# is 1,608. if you feel like conributing, please go join it and project dolphin if you're not already a member.

*goes back to hiding in his dark little corner of the room*
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Zilla votes [Aug. 31st, 2002|02:07 pm]
LiveJournal Development
[music |Gary Hoey - Gone Surfin']

You can vote for your "favorite" bugs in Zilla. I make absolutely no guarantees of heavily-voted bugs receiving special treatment, but I do see the votes column, and if you want to make your voice heard, that's one way to do it. :) You get a max of five votes per Product, and a max of three votes per bug. Have fun.
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Password kwalitee [Aug. 31st, 2002|03:32 pm]
LiveJournal Development
[music |John Scofield - Blackout]

There've been a few complaints about the password quality checks being too strict, or rejecting secure passwords while accepting insecure ones, or whatever. However, for obvious reasons no one has wanted to tell us exactly what password they tried and had rejected, or what insecure password they're currently using.

If anyone wants to construct reproducible examples of the password checking being dumb which do *not* involve passwords you actually are using or want to use, and post the details, the chances of anything happening rises drastically.

(One problem with the checking is that it doesn't ensure that you're not using something based on your username or realname. That's a known problem, and is being fixed, so don't bother reporting it.)
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