August 27th, 2002

i wanna be a cowboy
  • teedz

Maximum length for interests -- or a bug?

Today, I tried to add a somewhat obscure interest to my interests list, this being "the one and only billy spears" (kudos if you recognise that one). However, after I submitted, it didn't appear in my friends list. Editing the list once again, I discovered that it was no longer on my interests list, either.

Experimenting, I did the following.
the one and only billy spears - failed
one and only billy spears - failed
and only billy spears - worked
only billy spears - worked

Is there a maximum length for interests, before they are considered invalid, or is this a bug?


I made a comment in a journal. Someone else commented on my comment and I duly got an email telling me the contents of their comment complete with links to reply. So I clicked to reply and was told the comment was screened.

Now, I have no way of telling when the comment becomes unscreened, except to repeatedly go to that comment and check. Also, I'm not sure that I should know the contents of an entry that's unscreened.

I'd say that the email shouldn't be sent to me until the comment has been uncscreened, at which point I can reply to it, etc.