August 10th, 2002

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Old Code:

Bunch of FastCGI processes that handled *.bml and /users/ and /userpics/ etc...
Could run 254 apache processes no problem on a box with 256 megs of ram.

New Code:

Every apache has the ability to run *.bml /users/ etc..
Can maybe run 15 apache processes on a box with 256 megs of ram without going into swap and dying.

Am I missing something here? Its 2:00am and maybe i am not thinking straight..

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::To the people who run this site:: Frank, your "mascot," should say something goat-like, AND random. I am tired of 'Baaaaa.' give it a little int and a little rand(10) and some print. Boo to boring! I don't think I have the ability to modify your site, and I don't think I am awake enough to search further. Unf!

Description of new cookie format?

I have some code that retrieves LJ pages via regular HTTP (not the client protocol), sending cookies for proper authentication. Needless to say, it no longer works now that the LJ cookie format has changed.

Can someone please describe the new cookie format so I can fix my code?
Jedi Knight III



I can aide with C++ (AP level), Perl (getting there :p) and HTML, but I can learn pretty much anything that the LJ community needs me to.

Personally though I'm trying to help a friend set-up a version of LJ for his web staff. I would really apprciate if I could get someone to help me make sense of setting one up.

Thanks and I hope to work with you folks a lot!