July 27th, 2002

  • timwi

My Debut

Hi everybody,

I have taken a look through all the available documentation and a few recent posts here, but there are a few things I really couldn't figure out.

a) How do I get a goathack account, so I can test my patches?

b) I can use diff -u to create a patch of a source file, but how do I create a patch for the database structure? Like, suppose I want to add a column to a table that is needed for a new function I've implemented.

In any case, here's my first patch.

Patch: here
Affects: interests.bml
Does what: In addition to "mode=add", it now has a "mode=del" as well that you can use to remove an interest from your own interest list. Possibly allows for future implementation of features that make use of it.
Tested: No - couldn't find out how ;-) Please could someone test it for me?