July 26th, 2002

Ice City

Google is at it again


User complaint

And *I* have "noindex, noarchive, nofollow" hardcoded into my style.

Guess what happened *ten days* after google was unblocked?

I lost 2 GB of traffic because of indexing. TWO GIGS. Before I was shut off. In ten days.

Now, I have already gone and marked most of my journal as friends only or private so I'm not worried about ocntent showing up; I *am*, however, ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS that they refuse to respect meta tags as well as refusing to respect robots.txt (I have the option selected to block, and have since probably August of last year), which in turn *costs me money out of my pocket*.

If LiveJournal wants to be available on search engines because it is a potential revenue draw, fine, great, beautiful.

There has *got* to be a way to allow those of us who *don't* want to be indexed to not get our bandwidth sucked ANYWAY despite our following the rules.

Can someone here do something about this?
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hello... i'm new at livejournal and i thought i'd join the dev community sinse i know a bit of programming. i donno what to say really so uh whatever
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