July 13th, 2002

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Hi everybody, I've made some modifications to the default Clean and Simple journal style to make it much more usable and much cleaner; Who would I talk to about getting the changes put into the default?
binary and a cookie to whoever notices
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Client protocol patch: editcomm

Hey everyone. While working on LochJournal I realized one thing that would be very easy for the client protocol to do and would be useful for clients out there: joining and leaving communities. As it stands right now, whenever a user wants to join a community, my client has to redirect them to join.bml. That's hardly elegant.

I spent the past two hours writing (and rewriting, due to a design change) a patch that adds a new mode: editcomm. This patch is running live on my goathack, though you won't be able to test it unless you have a handy client around that lets you send arbitrary data to a server. (Speaking of...maybe I should make mine publically available, if anyone's interested?) You can, however, see the mode documentation here.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

(Oh, and if you're questioning why this has to be in its own mode, it's because I am intending on expanding this to have options to configure the community, etc. That's right up there with my plans to have a userinfo mode, and comments mode, and todo mode, and ... ack!)
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Hello, Moods, and Virtual Domains

Hi! First of all, I'd just like to say thanks to the LJ developers for making this open-source! I checked out the code this morning, and I now have a mostly working copy of LJ :D (I had to reinstall Apache because for some odd reason lj didn't like mine)

A few questions:

1) Do I have to add the default mood images by hand, or is there some sql somewhere that I missed? Seems like it'll take hours to import them all by hand.

2) My users virtual domains (username.host.com) were working fine, but after an hour or so, it started telling me that those urls were not available for that account type. I even tried adding "'userdomain' => 1," but it still won't accept. Perhaps there's something I need to do to make ljconfig.pl take effect after change?
The users are added to paid accounts, although I did add the features to free accounts also. And I did set $USER_VHOSTS = 1; Any ideas?

In any case, thanks for such a great system, and any help in advance! :D
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[PATCH]: htdocs/talkscreen.bml htdocs/talkpost_do.bml

Bug info: http://zilla.livejournal.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13

Not sure if this is what is needed, or changes wanted behavior, but this will not update the replycount unless either the user makes no comments screened, or the comment is made un-screened.

I've done extensive testing, but i could have missed something, so i'm hoping people could test things.
Test URL: http://www.halkeye.net:90/
Test account: test/test (feel free to make your own)
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I just walked in to say hi.
And to ask if there was any way you could 'subscribe' for a notification if anyone ever changed birthdays.bml ?
Furthermore I'd want to ask permission to change it myself so it takes a parameter ?hbdlj on which I would like to output a more bandwidth friendly version which I don't have to parse that much for the Livejournal Birthday Reminder (which probably no-one will use after you bring the daily e-mails back up).
So you know I rely heavily on that page and if it were to be picked up for translation, I'm doomed for most of livejournal's users.
So I'd like to anticipate, who do I nag about obtaining permission to change some stuff, and where can I test it before it goes life (e.g. what is goathack, etc...)