July 7th, 2002

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English text in /modify.bml.modify.text still contains capitalised html tags.

Note: where should I report errors in the english text? In the translation team's journal I wrote earlier:
Error in English text:
"you may want to set change your login expiration"

"set change" ? It should be either, but not both I think...

on the login page (/login.bml.expire.sessiononly.text)
With no response. Wrong place?

Double texts

There are many text items that are double, and obviously useless. It is useful to report those here? The stuff I'm talking about is like these:


Same text, and it simply cannot be different based on context (+ same thing for their respective 'header's).

There are many (e.g. almost anything from /editjournal_do is duplicated in /modify and some are duplicated once more in /talkpost).

This is a lot of dumb copy-paste translation, with the possibility that someone translates differently for each occurence resulting in inconsistencies.

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