July 3rd, 2002

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Some browsers (Mozilla, at least) have a "Site Navigation Bar" that optionally shows when a site provides some internal links. LiveJournal now provides the RSS link, so the bar keeps popping up. I thought I'd might as well make it useful.

This patch makes the "previous", "next", and sometimes "last" links do The Right Thing, skipping entries in the lastn and friends views and days in the day view. It behaves just like the skiplinks (except that "last" goes to the most recent entries on lastn and friends view).

- Had to move the building of the page head to the bottom of the page creation functions, because the skip information is only calculated at the end. I don't see any problems with this but there could be.
- Labels for the skiplink buttons (shown in Mozilla as tooltips) are in English.

Testing requested:
User "test", password "test". Look at their lastn, friends, and day views. (I set them to view only a few entries per page so I could see the results easier.)

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hey everybody... just introducing myself... i'm here to try to learn how to put the LJ code up for myself.... anybody can help me? thanks :o)
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I've seen quite an error in the html generated for the page presented when you click 'join' on a community. In the last bit, the actual 'join' button comes out like this: <input type='submit' value=Word lid van deze groep/> (note no quotes around text for the button). Which results in only the first word ('word' in dutch) being shown on the button in NS 6.2.3 . I could fix it in the translation, but it is wrong even for English (LJ) where the text reads join community, but only join appears on the button.

I'd report it in the bug system, but that is bugged... ;-)

Logout text translation

I just translated the logout text, but on trying noticed I never see it. I suppose this is because, since I'm logged out, my lang. setting no longer applies?

If this is the case, shouldn't that setting be passed to the logout page as well? e.g. in a session variable, or in a form parameter to the logout page, or whatever...

Smae problem for the login stuff, and all others. Could there be a cookie for not-logged in language, set by default to the lang. of the last logged person? Otherwise, all the translating of those texts doesn't do anybody much good...