July 2nd, 2002

Bugzilla for LiveJournal

We've talked about this forever, but it's finally up:


supersat did all the work setting this up, and he'll also be the one making changes as necessary. I'd also like to thank parkert and bostonsteamer for the original Bugzilla for LiveJournal implementation, but we've decided we don't want any database-level integration between them, mainly for security reasons. (I don't trust the Bugzilla code.)

So, um... let's start using this.

All feature requests & bugs should be filed in Zilla.

We'll work out the details as we go. For now, dive in. If you have an LJ email address, use that... otherwise put your LJ username in your "Real Name" in Bugzilla.

userinfo.bml Patch

Hello All,

For your account options, you can allow livejournal to mangle your email address some requests userinfo.bml?user=blah, so scripts to harvest email pass over it. However, you lose the ability to click on the link, and have your favorite mail client open up and create a new message with their name in the to: field.

Using javascript, I was able to create a solution that still keeps the email in mangled form, but also allows you to display their name as a mailto link.
I works by having a javascript concatenate 2 strings, the username, and the domain name, and then create a mailto: link with that.

I dunno if you guys like using javascript, but I have seem a few pages that use it, so I will submit it for review anyway.

This patch is untested, but I did write some proof of concept code in perl and it passed. I simply created a variable called $email, set it to skreuzer@mac.com and had called it through a http request.

I was wondering if anyone with a goathack account would be willing to help me do some testing and allow to run a few test to make sure everything is working properly, and everything looks right.