June 11th, 2002


Hello All

I am new here and very interested in the workings of such a large distributed development project. I have a great desire to learn the working of bml and how it interacts with other languages in the project such as perl. I hope to be able to contribute to the community in the future.
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[PATCH] for talkread.bml

Per this suggestion, this patch adds LJ::Talk::link_bar to the bottom of talkread.bml (if there is atleast one comment already present).

The purpose is to make the link_bar more accessible after a user has read through all the comments. The user does not need to scroll to the top of the page in order to access it.

It can be tested on my goathack (links below).

Post with 0 comments: here
Post with 1 comment: here
Post with 118 comments (and resultant navcrap): here

Update: Patch available: talkread.bml.diff
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who the fuck is todd?

weblogs.com: PING!

We had a support request that asked about support for weblogs.com's "ping" feature (http://newhome.weblogs.com/faq) -- I know that there's no support for it right now, but what would be involved in adding it? I can't really think of a way to do it without increasing server load to an ungodly degree, but it seems like the kind of feature that would make LiveJournal a lot more attractive to the more "high end" segment of the weblog/online journal community.