June 10th, 2002

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Patch: Include support request category in request notification e-mail


This patch makes changes to the format of support request notification e-mails, to include information about the support category of the new support request, and information on how to unsubscribe from the support request notification system.


The support request notification e-mails that are sent to support volunteers currently do not include information about the support category in which a request was submitted. This information would be useful to volunteers, especially to those that subscribe to notifications from multiple support categories.

This patch would change the format of support request notification e-mails to the following:

A LiveJournal support request has been submitted regarding the following:

Category: General/Unknown
Subject: PLZ HELP URGENT!!!!!!!!!!

You can track its progress or add information here:


If you do not wish to receive notifications of incoming support requests, you may change your notification settings here:




There have been a rash of support requests recently from one-time, inactive, or infrequent support volunteers, wishing not to receive support request notification e-mails. These changes would hopefully reduce the occurrence of support requests regarding this.

This patch also changes a few hard-coded instances of "LiveJournal" to "$LJ::SITENAME" (hope that's okay).


livejournal/cgi-bin/supportlib.pl.122.diff (Tested)


While working on this patch, I ran across some code that didn't make sense to me. Rather than mess with it without understanding it, I thought I would point it out, and ask some questions.

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