June 8th, 2002

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It really tweaks me that some of you are using the LJ client identifier to be fucking little children. It's bad enough that -most of you- aren't even following how it's supposed to be used in the first place, which is causing each client to have it's own sets of stats which makes it difficult to categorize them by operating systems like it was originally meant to be. Now we have a bazillion perl, gtk, win32 apps.

But really, using them to vent your frustration over some silly licensing change issue is really lame.... maybe client authentication isn't such a bad idea.

Server documentation

This might belong in lj_userdoc or lj_sysdoc but I'll post here anyway:
On http://www.livejournal.com/doc/server/ the following bit of code appears (on display):

dbweights - The <dbtblref tblid="dbinfo">dbinfo</dbtblref> table keeps track of which databases exist. This ones keeps track of each database's roles and weights.

I'd have thought from looking at the DTD that <dbtblref> was meant to be a link to somewhere else? (Like the relevant table?)

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