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June 7th, 2002

You do Yahoo! [Jun. 7th, 2002|10:20 am]
LiveJournal Development


Hey - hope you guys get a chance to catch the article in Yahoo! Life magazine about Live Journal and the like...

They really like you guys ;)
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Patch: getfriends returning birthdays [Jun. 7th, 2002|06:58 pm]
LiveJournal Development


In this thread phinnia suggested that LochJournal be aware of birthdays of people on your friends list. Instead of parsing birthday.bml, I figured I'd put together a patch for the getfriends mode.

Basically, this five line patch to ljprotocol.pl makes it return one new item in the getfriends mode:

friend_X_birthday = YYYY-MM-DD

It checks user.allow_infoshow as well as makes sure the user didn't leave it blank before returning the key. If the user doesn't want their info shown or doesn't have a birthday, nothing is returned. I could have returned 0's, but to save bandwidth...

Anyway, the patch is here. It is really small, but even so, I tested it on my goathack. You will need a client that shows raw output to see it in action though. :)

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

avva, does this meet your scrutiny? :)
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