June 5th, 2002

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Patch - cleanhtml.pl: lj-cut links to targets


This patch allows lj-cut tags to link to HTML targets in the full post.


With the introduction of the capability to close the lj-cut tag, and consequently, the capability to have multiple lj-cut tags in a single post, I feel there is a need to have the lj-cut tags link directly to the place in the text of the full post (in talkread.bml) where the cut was made.

When reading a long post that has been cut, following the "Read more..." links presently takes you to the top of the talkread.bml view of the post. Finding the spot where the cut was made can sometimes be a chore, and it interrupts the flow of reading.

I simply added a few lines of code to add an HTML target into the full view of the post at the points where each cut was made.


You know, I think I'm going to take a really long survey now.
<lj-cut> <!--links to talkread.bml?journal=somejournal&itemid=12345#cutid1-->
[Really long survey]

Hey, I'm bored. I'm going to take another one.
<lj-cut> <!--links to talkread.bml?journal=somejournal&itemid=12345#cutid2-->
[Another really long survey]


You know, I think I'm going to take a really long survey now.
<a name="cutid1"></a>
[Really long survey]

Hey, I'm bored. I'm going to take another one.
<a name="cutid2"></a>
[Another really long survey]


This patch was tested on my home test server.


NOTE: Also included in this patch are the changes to the comment cleaner that I've been trying to push for several weeks. I got mostly positive feedback on them, but the changes were never committed (Ref: 384202, 385933).

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[PATCH] add convenience when editing friends' colors (friends/edit_do.bml)

Suggestion: here by 180milehug

What this does: This patch adds "Foreground" and "Background" columns in the "Your Friends" table on friends/edit_do.bml. This allows you to edit the colors of an existing friend in a more intuitive way, rather than re-adding them with different colors. (Update: I implemented bradfitz's JavaScript idea (see comments).)

Test: Test it here on my goathack. Login as test/test, or create your own account.

Patch: 2002-06-05-friends-edit_do.bml.diff 2002-06-07-friends-edit_do.bml.diff (new patch)

Updated Goals

Before/if I post this to news, am I missing anything?


I mostly deleted things from the old graph and didn't add much.

BTW, if anybody wants to check out all the old CVS revisions to goals.dat and generate new pictures from CVS, it'd be neat to update goals.html to have all the old revisions, not just the last two. Remember to use goals-visualize.pl --random a bunch until you get a picture that's pretty.

[PATCH] htdocs/tools/memadd.bml

I don't belive there is another way todo this without logging in as a community, but if a user wants to add memories to a community, they would have to log in, which i know we are trying to get rid of.
This patch just adds a switch user button at the top of memadd.bml to allow a user to specify the different communities they are a maintainer of.

(on a side note, why does LJ::get_effective_user need a password? none of the other functions seem to need to. )


login as test/test
find an entry (http://www.halkeye.net/users/halkeye/friends has all entries)
add it as a memory


CVS Committ Posting to changelog

Has something changed to stop CVS committs being posted to changelog or is this a caching issue? I've seen two things that have been committed apparently (Brad has posted "In CVS" or similar) but are not shown in changelog.

Also, related note, is there going to be a browsable CVS interface for wcm and bml?

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