June 3rd, 2002

i wanna be a cowboy
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req: goathackers to test a suggestion/patch

I made a suggestion in (appropriately enough) suggestions for another variation on the <lj> tag. Thankfully, someone else has already gotten around to writing a patch for it (while I was out playing poker, no less. Way to go, friendofafriend!).

I'd be interested seeing a goathacker or two give it a quick QA to weigh any benefits and/or drawbacks.

I suppose I could have posted this in the goathack community; However I'm not a member there, and also, as the patch is already written, I'd like to bring it to the devteam to propose implementation.

(no subject)

I believe something broke (unless this is a feature? wtf?) with this patch.. IP fields on comment pages now end up looking something like this:

(from,,, via

bit redundant, no?
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(no subject)

I'm looking into request #45195... it looks like a database problem. Can someone with access to the database do:

SELECT interest, intid FROM interests WHERE interest IN ('aon')

and see if it brings up a weird entry?

Trying to setup a server again

I have some things i want to work on again, so trying to setup a server again.

The install docs are completly useless
The INSTALL.apache.txt does not work

After i dug around in goathack and lj_dev I have managed to get things setup and running
Except for one thing. I can't seem to get the language to work

setlang.bml works fine if you hit submit, but before that, and on ever other page, i get ?lang?

I've tried just about everything
Using ljcom's en.dat

This is a fresh install as far as i can tell...
DB was dumped, all files were overridden

Also, on an unreleated note, which debian module has MIME::Words?
it doesn't seem to be installed

More CVS repositories

Up until today we've had the "livejournal" CVS repository if you're just dealing with the general code, and "ljcom" also if you're doing LiveJournal.com work.

Today there are two more CVS repositories:

"bml" -- for BML files
"wcmtools" -- for tools and libraries that other sites could use.

The only thing in wcmtools right now is multicvs.pl, which is a re-write of cvsreport.pl and reads a config file (livejournal's is in livejournal::cvs/multicvs.conf) and knows how to deal with many CVS repositories, not just 1 or 2.

cvsreport.pl still exists, but now is just a couple line wrapper around multicvs.pl.

You'll want to keep using cvsreport.pl probably, since typing --conf=$LJHOME/cvs/multicvs.pl all the time will get annoying.

Instructions for getting the new CVS repositories can be found here:


A lot more stuff will be moving into wcmtools ... the database connection/admin code, user priv/cap framework, etc, etc, etc. Anything that could possibly be utilized by another website will most likely be moving.

And it's all being removed from livejournal CVS, so you gotta do the above-linked couple steps, otherwise your installation won't run.

[PATCH] /polls/listpolls.bml

In response to Question 23 on the 2002-05 QA session:

hapgood: Is there a way I can look at all my polls at once?

I have created this little patch..
Not enitrely sure on the layout.. We may just want to list the polls with links to the results (that way less hit on the db)
Changed so it just displays name and 2 links.

but for now i have:

Code is here:

[PATCH] /birthdays.bml

In response to Question 77 on the 2002-05 QA session:

quba: Since Birthdays are obviously in a database, could you make a "Find User with Your Birthday" feature?



Filename, and wording suggestions are greatly desired
Update: Changed to use birthdays.bml
Update: Now in the cvsreport.pl diff format (not much difference, just consistant with others