May 16th, 2002

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A 'nice to have'

I was just thinking about private posts in general and how it would be nice to be able to post public posts but have tags that surrounded text that would make that section private (or friends only).

For example, say I was typing this entry as public but wanted to add comments in that would be private, I could add tags such as:

<lj security="Private">blah blah blah</lj>

Or something as such, I've not really thought about the syntax but this would enable users to be able to 'annotate' their public posts with Friends-Only or Private notes... I guess it's just me being lazy but it saves adding another entry to my journal to make these thoughts... Not sure if this has been suggested before... Thoughts?
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/friends/add.bml patch, show correct default colors

Suggestion: here by boymaenad (that's not what the suggestion was about, but it mentioned the bug)

What it does: On /friends/add.bml, when modifying an existing friend, one gets "Red, Darkest" for foreground and background colors. Friends fg- and bgcolors were changed to integers to save space, but the logic on this page still treated it as a string (#RRGGBB). This patch converts the color codes to integers before comparing them to the saved (or default) fg- and bgcolors.

Test: Test it on my goathack. Sign in as test/test and go here: /friends/add.bml?user=bradfitz, /friends/add.bml?user=lucretio. Add friends and mess around with this.

Patch: 2002-05-11-add.bml.diff
  • banana

"link" link on talkread.bml

It's been annoying me for some time that the link that says "link" on a comment on talkread.bml has a thread in it. It seems to be effectively equivalent to the thread link below the comment, except that following the view link scrolls the page down to the linked comment. Examples:

I often copy the view link and manually remove the thread part when posting a link to another comment, which is tedious. Looking at talkread.bml (the first bit of LJ code I ever looked at!), this seems easy to fix: at line 524, remove the text "&amp;thread=$dtid".

I don't have access to anything that will do the diff for me in the right format. Could someone help? Or maybe I should get a goathack - if so, how?