May 15th, 2002



Is anyone looking into reenabling RSS? I am, though I'm completely new to LiveJournal so I don't expect to get very far on my own. I've looked a little and have some thoughts before I stumble through writing anything--so disabuse me of my notions, OK?

Seems to me the rss mode/option should trigger a particular style, one that makes RSS. I know at least one person who's already publishing RSS, with custom styles. Is there anything like an option or flag that causes a particular style to be used, so it wouldn't be such an odd exception?

I say "mode/option" because personally I'd like to get RSS of the friends page too, so I think of it as an option rather than a mode. However, the format doesn't lend itself so much to the calendar mode; would it be better to look at it as an XML output option, one that outputs RSS for lastn, friends, and day modes, and possibly some other format for calendar pages?
  • aef

Delurk and new functionality requests

Hi, I'm aef, I code Perl for money. (a bit content-light ATM).

Ok, I'm here, basically, to ask for two things and possibly to offer some time towards accomplishing them.

Firstly and more urgently, I as a user want to be able to choose how I view someone else's journal. Certainly, the configuration the journal-owner chooses should be the default, but it seems sensible to allow the viewer to override this. If there's already a way of doing this, which I am missing, please let me know.

For more information on why I want this stuff, take a look at ... don't take the criticism to much to heart, I am trying to be constructive :)

Secondly, I would like to see the protocol extended so that all the system's functionality is accessible through it. I think that if the rise of the Internet, the Web, usenet, SMTP mail, etc has taught us one thing, it is that interoperability is vital and the protocols are the really important bits. Again, I've gone into more detail in the article I've linked to above.

I'm pretty competent with Perl, and I'm willing to put some time into doing some of this, so long as I know that the core developers want this and are therefore likely to accept my additions.

I haven't managed to d/load the source yet, as I can't get stuff from CVS from where I am ATM, but this should be possible in the near future.

Comments, flames?

/me dons asbestos suit and ducks