May 13th, 2002

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hmm.. i've been wondering for a few days now, but from a load of comments that i've seen in lj_dev, lj_art, and other journals and communities and from my own feelings too, wouldn't it be worth it to actually talk and debate about what form the link to /setlang.bml that appears in logo3-lang.gif in the default dystopia theme should actually take, or even if there is a better way of letting users set lanauage..? i have seen a few very valid argumemts against the current icon, and even using an icon at all
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me - femputer

Introducing myself like the lj_dev userinfo asks...

So, hi there. I've added myself to lj_dev because LiveJournal is wonderful, and I figure if I'm going to be addicted to something I might as well give back. I'm a FreeBSD committer, and ircd-hybrid-7 developer (though outside of portability fixing I didn't do too much to date) for that reason, and I'm trying to find some way to make LJ better for that reason.

About my background, I've done a lot of C, slightly less Objective C, slightly less assembly, and far too much Perl for my liking. Also some Awk and sed, but that only ties in to being able to write proper Perl (sometimes). I don't really know what I hope to do wrt LJ, maybe a client, maybe backend code, maybe web interface stuff.

Who knows. But anyway, here I am, since you asked (well, kinda :), at your service.