May 9th, 2002

mod_perl; part 2

Opi posted about the mod_perl switch here:

... and everybody complained it didn't work.

Here's the deal:

There are two ways to use mod_perl in Apache... statically linked, or dynamically linked.

I always use the static version for speed/sanity/safety, but I figured, "oh, Debian would manage to get the dynamic version right.". So I put it on goathack.

But it doesn't seem to work. At least not in unstable.

So... to get stuff working:

-- do everything Opi said in that link above
-- but, don't add the LoadModule perl_module line
-- apachectl stop
-- apachectl start

Goathack now only has the apache-perl package installed, and then some symlinks. Have fun.

mod_perl conversion done.

Okay, monkeys, the conversion to mod_perl is totally done, the relevant docs in CVS have been updated, and the goathack mod_perl is stable.

So now's your chance for fun & prizes.

The challenge: Find any problems with anything, while running latest CVS.

The fun: Much.

The prizes: 10 people get year paid accounts, for themselves or gifts. One prize per person.

As I wrote this, I thought of one page in particular that won't work. I'm sure there are tons, but I'm taking a break for a bit... I've been at this for too long.

The sooner we get this tested, the sooner we can make it live, and the site'll be happier.

If nothing big's reported in the next day, I'll open a public test server and announce it on news, but for now I just want developers to test.