May 8th, 2002

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Apache Config Issue

Hi there.. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I'm getting an error while trying to setup the LJ code on my debian machine.. Here's the info I have on it..

peloquin:/etc/apache# apachectl configtest
Syntax error on line 376 of /etc/apache/httpd.conf:
Invalid command 'SetEnv', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

it's the:

SetEnv LJHOME /home/lj

line in httpd.conf

Any advice? thanks =>

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mod_perl migration project

(This is aimed primarily towards Goathackers, but it does apply to people who have their own development environment set up to use the latest CVS snapshots of LiveJournal)

Recently Brad has been working on removing support for FastCGI and CGI in favor of mod_perl, and the last couple of CVS commits has brought that work to near completion.

The keyword, however, is near completion: This is another bug-hunt call. We need developers to test every page and find any deviances from normal or expected behavior, and then report them all as quickly as possible. Create accounts, upload pictures, make sure that every scenario has been covered and tested.

With that in mind, respond to this post or email me <> with the bugs that you find, and I'll work with you to make sure that they're reproducible, so that they can be fixed as soon as possible.

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