May 1st, 2002

fixing form clearing... need info.

Can somebody do some research into what HTTP headers cause which browsers/versions to clear a form upon pressing the "back" button?

Consider both the HTTP headers sent for the page upon which the form is, and the HTTP headers for the page which the form POSTs to.

Major brownie points to whoever comes up with good data that'd let us fix the ever-occuring "LJ ate my entry!" problem when we show an error message on page 2 and erroneously expect people to be able to press back and change their data.

Of particular annoyance is that Mozilla's behavior changed recently, and I'm wondering if there's a spec out there (part of RFC 2616?) that I haven't read which Mozilla is now obeying.
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bah, just checked my lj user info and noticed that lj has changed the way it parses the bio information. i had html in it (which i shamelessly nicked off of adcott ;) which hacked the tabled and i was using it to display extra ino like the communities i run, and some extra info about myself.

i was just wondering where i could read up on this change (i.e who implemented it, why, etc). danke =)
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