April 22nd, 2002

  • eyenot

extremely positive

i just want to say that the recent additions to capability in the personal-info editing are extremely positive. i was wondering how long in the making the 'translate from' and the 'include comment count to url' capabilities were in the making? are there specific entries you could point to that detail the recent addition of those options? thanks!
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Java-Enabled Cellphone/Pager/PDA Client

I was told I should probably cross-post my original message over here in lj_dev. Basically, I do not have the hardware to test this Java client on anything other than the emulator and a Handspring Phone/PDA. I need people to help out with testing and development before I am really comfortable releasing it as anything other than alpha or beta. The original message follows:

Greetings, everyone. I am fairly new to the lj_clients list. I have a new LJ client, but was unsure what to do about it. I have been developing Java code for several years, C++ code for about a decade, embedded systems for a couple of years, but have just jumped into Java 2 Micro Edition in the past week. My first big project is a LiveJournal J2ME client that will run on cellphones (several of the Motorola series, at the very least), some of the RIM Blackberry pages, and various PDAs that support J2ME. While my lack of experience in the J2ME realm almost definitely translates to inefficient and/or not-so-wonderfully architected code, my real problem lies in compatibility and testing. I will be working on a good number of optimizations now that I have a little more experience under the belt, but the only hardware I have to test this with is my VisorPhone. The client runs fine on Sun's emulator, but I would feel much more comfortable if I knew it ran on the Motorola phones, Blackberry pagers, etc. Additionally, I really do not know HOW one installs Java applications on the various pieces of hardware, so my installation instructions are rather vague in those realms.

If anyone wants to help out with developing, testing, and/or documenting this new LiveJournal J2ME client, feel free to contact me. It has been released under the GPL, so all of the source code is available at the above link, as well as the installation files, architecture documentation, and screenshots.