April 16th, 2002

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For mart:

I sent this to Brad/Avva (should I call him Anatoly instead?) and didn't think it belonged on lj_dev.

Subject: [lj patch] developer docs update
To: Brad Fitzpatrick, avva@livejournal.com

 - include mention of "ver" in protocol docs.  link to document
   "versions.bml" to describe the differences in protocol versions.
   (included, but you can fix to your own liking).
 - modeinfo.bml into xhtml (which is where most of the diffs come from).
 - new key in the mode hash: "optional", which is used to tag optional
   parameters.  the existing code had Optional in the description
   of each mode, but each mode had a different way of displaying it
   (some used italics, other didn't, some had "(Optional)", others 
   "[Optional]" or just "Optional.").
   change to modeinfo.bml to use this key.
 - the other diff (protocol.diff) is for protocol.dat to use this new key.
   btw, it is not only in the wrong directory (why at the top of
   htdocs?) but it's also in livejournal while all of the developer
   stuff is in ljcom.

and look for "ver" (and follow the link there) to see it in action.

CC'd to Anatoly in case I got the protocol version information wrong.
I posted to lj_clients with what I understand; please correct me if I'm
misleading people.  (Though I did confirm it by seeing how my utf-8
client reacted to the presence or absence of the "ver" key.)
amused, happy
  • mart

Dear Developers,

This community is very boring lately. Please develop something and post about it here, in order to give this poor burnt-out developer-type something to read.

Yours Frustratedly,
  • lwj

don't beat the new kid!

Hello all!

I'm here about a post in lj_nifty, actually. Apparently you have to go through some HTML contortions to assemble an LJ::ljuser -like link for a community, if you want to get the community.gif icon and whatnot.

Can someone more clueful than I tell me if this patch to ljlib.pl is a valid, reasonable, and complete way to do away with said need for contortions? I'm new to this LJ stuff, and I don't even have DBI installed on this machine (I think... OS X is wacky), so I'm just whistling in the dark.
Chaos Bright
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(no subject)

I'm wondering if there is anything that can help me with the problem of not knowing who has recently added my as a friend or left my friendom of the list. When you start getting a huge list it's too hard to keep trck of the changes, is there anything that can be done?
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