March 30th, 2002

Project Status

Here are the current projects and their status:

UTF-8: (in progress)
Waiting for avva to give me the okay, then we'll flip the switch and make it live, then 3,000 Russians will find bugs and get angry with avva but he'll fix them all and everything will be good.

S2: (in progress)
mart and I have been going crazy on S2 the past few days. Everytime I start working on it again I love how cool it is. And we're so close, so I want to get this bitch finished and live, then mart will take over, writing docs and guiding the masses to make tons of new styles and themes.

Site translation: (blocked on UTF-8)
I want to start removing all English strings of text from the code and replace them with resource files for different languages. I did this with years and years ago, and we had that site all in 11 different languages. But UTF-8 wasn't around then (or at least not popular), so there were tons of ugly charset problems. Once UTF-8 goes live, I'm incredibly excited about making LiveJournal available in a gazillion different languages, starting with German with translation from calliste and tigerentchen. Avva will do Russian and Hebrew, probably.

XML/RSS/Syndication: (blocked on UTF-8)
Once everything goes UTF-8, then we can do XML correctly and I won't be ashamed of our broken RSS support and we can start doing more with it and promoting it more, and also do the opposite too: sucking other people's RSS into LiveJournal, so you can add RSS feeds to your friends list. (maybe somebody can find my old lj_dev post about this and I'll link it)

Trust system: dead
feh. lost interest. and everybody either 1) freaked, or 2) didn't understand it, so screw it. avva's just going to implement screened/moderated comments and community posts instead.

ESN: queued
I really want to work on the Event/Subscription/Notification system too. That's pretty easy. Just need some time. Have a lot now, too.

Statistics: queued
Setup all the DB tables for 3 classes of user journal statistics. Just need to implement it now. Easy, also.

S1 & S2 living in harmony

mart mentioned that we had to port all S1 styles to S2 before we could make S2 go public. But I think we'll just default to using S1 if s1_viewname_style is set, otherwise use S2.

Then, as styles are ported and stable, we can mass-convert all people that don't have overrides from their S1 styles to the corresponding S2 equivalent.

In the end, a lot of people will have overrides, but /modify.bml will let them click something to "switch to using S2". If a user is using S2, modify.bml will just redirect to /customize/.

Okay with you, Mart?