March 28th, 2002

  • evan

late night lonliness

Poll results patch. Minor grammar nitpick, do the sorting on the web machine instead of the database (the only DB-related line I changed), and display the poll results in a more sane manner.

To see the major effect of this patch,
go to
to see some polls, then pick "view answers".
Now you can see who voted for a given answer.
(If you want to play with it, users "testa", "testb", and "testc" all have password "test".)

From the patch:
        # text questions are like this:
        #   user1, user2 -- someanswer
        # and the rest are like:
        #   someanswer
        #     user1
        #     user2

(This also means a user may appear more than once under different answers if they picked more than one checkbox.)

Diff here:

Please help find bugs before I bother Brad with it. :)

Filtering Language

When I was in high school, they installed a software package that when you went to a web site or something, certain words would be replaced with "****" (if you opened up work and typed fuc, the second you typed k, it would be replaced with "****")

The member can set a preference in his or her profile to "filter offensive words" and when they are logged in and visit a journal, certain words would be replaced with "****" or something

I was at the library and sat down at a computer. I decided to update my journal and when I went to view the entry after I posted it, i could not load the page, because in a couple of of my journals, i used certain words to describe my feelings about my job. Blocking pages from loading is extreme, but I am sure many other libraries, schools and I would even bet a few companies do this as well. Perhaps this feature would make LJ more accessible?

Just a thought

Nearly perfect patches

So here's a classic problem, illustrated with an example.

Evan rewrote the poll results display to group things by answer, rather than submission time, and the patch does what it does wonderfully.

But I'm afraid people will protest the removal of the ability to view answers by submission time also.

But Evan doesn't necessarily have the time or desire to add a view mode option, and neither do I.

So what happens? The patch gets dropped. Sad.

This is why it'd be nice to have Bugzilla up sometime soon here. (the instructions to set it up are sitting in my inbox... dormando might get that project, when he's free to work again)

Anyway, anybody want to continue work on the poll thing? If so, post a demo of it working and the patch in lj_dev.