March 27th, 2002

heh, totally lame.

evan or somebody mentioned the other day the 1:30 am problem... that's when we run the ljmaint bday & expiring jobs. both have sucky queries.

i see now how they both don't scale worth shit and can be easily made to be super fast.

i'll do that tomorrow. i don't think that code's been seen (much less touched) by me since the beginning of (LJ) time. it's in need of love.

new security level: lj-users-only?

Has anyone discussed such a privacy filter? i.e. Journal entry viewable to all logged in users and hidden from all non-users. It is my understanding that there is a bit or two reserved somewhere in friendgroupland. Is it feasible that one could be used to give all users a friends group that consists of all lj users? A new privacy level could be added, that being simply a special case of friends group filtering, to achieve desired effect...?

IE5.5 Mac again

So, I added the style: 0 and align=right on the table, based on banana and digitpete's suggestions. Oh, and moved the basefont to the body.

Looked great... But then there was a huge horizontal scrollbar, even though no content was outside of it. (the login bar was properly right aligned on the visible area of the browser window)

So I started removing changes one by one to make the horizontal scrollbar go away. It never did, even getting back to the same look file the main site's running now, and the main site doesn't have those scrollbars. Thinking MacIE was confused, I closed and restarted the app. Same dumb behavior.

I'm stumped, and I refuse to waste more time on this. If somebody sends me a fully tested patch, I'll try it again. I am starting to think this browser is just the biggest piece of shit ever made. Unfortunately, it's standard with OS X, so we have to assume 27 people out there are using it.


brad asked me to help out with changing mod_latency to behave properly with vhosts. i started working on it, but i have some other things that i need to do at the moment.

so, the goal is to make SetLatency act on a virtual server level instead of on all servers hosted on that machine. The gist of what it needs to do is below. However, it needs to be done dynamically (by figuring out what section it is and storing that some way), not hardcoded like what is in here (which isn't tested either.. just thrown together).

anyway, if someone wants to pick up where i left off, by all means do. i wont be able to get to it again till this weekend.

however, i did find this... mod_throttle which seems to do exactly what lj needs... and then we could just do away with mod_latency. also, someone could take the code in mod_throttle and use it to mod mod_latency appropriately. brad? wanna switch to using mod_throttle instead? adding a simple sleep doesnt do much to truly help. there is also mod_bandwidth as well, but it doesnt quite apply as much.

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