March 23rd, 2002

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new permanent accounts and

I don't think this is going to resolve itself on its own:
Request #41851
Request #42025
Request #42293
Post in ~lj_support

All this is about that the new permanent accounts don't have their addresses activated and instead get bounced mails. They (actually we, because I'm one of them) have been told to wait 24h, but these have long slipped by to no avail.

Could I have some word on this, please? Even if it's that the admins are aware of this?
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utf-8 bugs


I just started testing out UTF-8 stuff and am finding some issues...

Set UNICODE = 0. Make a non-ASCII post, interests, and bio.
Turn UNICODE = 1. Restart LJ server.

Go to editinfo.bml. Non-ASCII in bio and interests are question-marked out. If you hit save (like, say, to set your old-encoding to remove the question marks from your /users/ view), then your interests and bio are "lost" (permanent-ly question-mark-tized)

editinfo.bml shouldn't even load if it detects non-ASCII stuff. we discussed this already. there should be a simple page to let you set your old encoding, and any other part that detects weirdness (editinfo.bml, editjournal.bml, etc) should all force you to go to /utf8oldenc.bml or /utf8convert.bml, as appropriate.

Anyway, don't save yet. Go look at /userinfo.bml. It question-mark-tized the bio, but not the interests. Bug.

Go back and set your old encoding. Now /users looks fine, and /talkread.bml looks fine (assume talkpost too, since all in talklib, right?). But go to /editjournal.bml from the toolbar on talkread. You don't respect oldenc there, and pass non-UTF8 8bit to the browser, even in UTF-8 mode. Bug.

utf8convert.bml doesn't do interests?

utf8convert.bml gives an error if previewing with UTF-8 source encoding (which can't ever even happen... nobody does that... shouldn't be a choice)

Get me a patch for these. I'll keep testing.