March 22nd, 2002


Support notification patch

At the request of sherm, I'm resubmitting the support notification patch I made back in December. Currently, everyone that has chosen to receive all support notification e-mails for a particular catagory will receive ALL updates to a support request, including internal comments and updates they make themselves. This patch modifies this behavior so users don't receive updates they make or internal comments if they can't normally see internal comments.

You can get the patch here.

FIX: aliases broken for permanent accounts

As noted here, ljcom/bin/maint/ doesn't insert a row into the paiduser table for permanent accounts, which causes ljcom/bin/maint/ to not generate an alias for new permanent users. I've patched ljcom/bin/maint/ so it now inserts a row into the paiduser table for permanent accounts. You can get the patch here.

The second patch I made changes the way ljcom/bin/maint/ generates its list of paid users. Instead of relying on the paiduser table, it checks to make sure user.caps & 8 is true. This has the benefit of fixing current permanent accounts with broken aliases. Otherwise, a script will need to be hacked up to insert permanent users into the paiduser table that aren't already there, which should probably be done anyway for consistancy. Get the patch here.