March 21st, 2002

lj_dev policy reminder


1) don't post stupid shit in lj_dev


2) have the balls to not delete it after everybody gives you crap.

Heh ... I think we need a new logprop that community admins can set: undeletable. Or, better, a journal-wide option: posts are undeletable except by admin after comments are left.

Hmmmmm..... :-)

Anyway, I'm serious. lj_dev is not /support/ ... keep using it as such and I'll make this community closed to the ~5 people I regularly get patches from.
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Patch ready to add "&nc=xx" to the end of talkread URLs

I've been working in my goathack on the userprop to add &nc=xx (where xx is the total number of comments for the entry) to the end of talkread URLs (so that those links become "unvisited" if new comments are added).

This user option will toggle whether or not &nx=xx is added at the end of each talkread URL the users comes across while he is logged in. It does not affect the user's journal, rather it affects the journals the user sees.

I'm pretty sure the patch is ready, though I've never made or submitted a patch before. I think opiummmm helped me out enough with that though. I've tested the changes myself, and they seem to work. But I know bradfitz doesn't like to even look at patches without them being checked and tested first. This is where you guys come in.

Please check out my goathack ... Create a new user, and toggle the following option in editinfo.bml.
Use nc==xx URLs on talkread links
Check this if you want your browser to display comment links with new comments as unvisited.
This should work on the lastn view as well as the friends view. The text may be edited at bradfitz's discretion.

The patch file is available here:

Please post comments so that bradfitz knows its been tested, and let me know if you come across any problems.

...And, if lj_dev was the wrong place to post this, then I'm sorry...
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