February 25th, 2002

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PATCH: add security icons to talk*.bml (Take 2)

Suggestion: (here)

What it does: This patch adds the function show_security_icon to ljlib.pl. The function is given a security setting ("private" or "usemask") and outputs the HTML to display the security icon. The patch modifies talkpost.bml and talkread.bml to use the show_security_icon function in front of the subject line.

Test it (log in using user=test pass=test):
talkpost.bml: (protected) (private) (no subject) (public, no subject)
talkread.bml: (protected) (private) (no subject) (public, no subject)

Patch: (here)

(Update: I made a minor edit. Now the icon is on its own line if there is no subject.)

Problem viewing actual journal entries.

I originally thought I was having problems because I forgot to install the cron entries, but even after setting up the cron I get the following error when it tries to display any journal entries:

Fatal error: Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ljlib.pl line 461.

Mind you, I can update the journal and do all other manner of things (add friends, etc) but when it comes to VIEWING a journal, that error crops up regardless.
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hardware.xml browser

Can somebody make a BML page that lets users browse the data in data in hardware.xml in interesting ways?

At least:
-- table, sorted by name
-- grouped by roles
-- click a hostname to view notes (or have all the notes at the end, with anchor links)

Use XML::Parser or something, obviously.
Any takers? I've wanted this forever but it just never gets done.


In light of avva's near-completion of the UTF-8 support, I'm not going to be accepting any more patches until his work is in.

Avva, I'll take that patch anytime. :-)