February 24th, 2002

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PATCH: consistancy in converting urls in posts to links (cleanhtml.pl)

currently cleanhtml.pl will convert any url beginning with http to a url. this, however, does not happen if any of the letters in http are capitalized (see examples). this is a fairly trivial issue, since most users will post urls in lower case. but occasionally they don't, and we should be consistant if we are already converting urls to links. so i've changed the reg. exp. that does this to ignore case. it has been tested and seems to work.

before patch:

after patch: here

diff of the patch:cgi-bin/cleanhtml.pl.diff
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Forgive me.. this may be a repeat post, my computer fritzed

I got mysql working, and I can create journals and login and such, but now when I click on 'recent' or when I try to view the journal page itself, the following error occurs. What gives?

Fatal error: Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ljlib.pl line 461.

Addendum: The 'customizing.txt' file that the default content mentions is nowhere to be seen.. where can I find it?
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syncitems: bad itemids

syncitems is returning BAD itemid. It seems as though the itemids syncitems sends is actually the "post number" from that users journal. In other words, if I am syncing my 14th post, the itemid it returns will be "14". While this itemid seems to reference properly from syncitems to getevents this itemid cannot be used to reference the entry via the web, nor can it be used to reference the comments page for that item. Additionally, there is no new field present in the return information that gives the REAL itemid.

This makes it absolutely impossible to use this information for anything other than backing up LJ data, and even then, makes it difficult as, the entries themselves are backed up, but there is no way to reference the comments for that item. Am I overlooking something, or was this something that was overlooked?