February 19th, 2002

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ah HAH! I've finally figured it out....(and bug?)

Oh thank you FAQ - this is the first time I've posted to *any* community let alone here, so quick intro (per community info page)...

I'm currently a Notes Developer doing Java, javascript, HTML, XML, CSS, C++ - you name it - I'm the new technology person here (where I work). Soooo...ever looking to help out - I've been watching this community for a little while, just haven't found something I think I can contribute with yet...but I did find a bug (hidden feature?) today - ie., if you point a link at a filtered friends list, it only works if you're actually logged in as that person - is this a "feature" or is this by design. Ie., can filters be set to be publically viewable and I'm just missing it?
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I need a Visio monkey

I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier here or not, but this quarter for school I'm doing two independent study classes, both related to LiveJournal. This lets me spend a ton of time on LJ work, and get credit for it.

In 3.5 weeks, this quarter is done, and I'm done with school forever. But first, I have to write two papers .... one for each class.

One class is a writing class, and I'm writing a paper with the topic being how community, technology, and business interact, using LiveJournal's history and growth as examples, etc, etc. This paper's coming along well, and is the one I don't need help with.

For the second class I have to write a shorter and less formal paper about what I've been working on during the quarter. My topic here is the history of LiveJournal's backend infrastructure, from the very beginning up until now with clusters, and into the future with forecasts about what we'll have to do down the road to keep scaling better.

You've already probably seen my shitty diagrams.

I need somebody with Visio or a similar tool (I only have Dia, and it sucks), to read a draft of my paper and fill in the "FIGURE n" placeholders with actual graphics. Actually, I'll draw them on paper first and scan them, putting in JPEGs initially. So basically you'd just have redraw them.

Any takers? This'll go live on the site when it's done, too, and I'll give ya art props.

error message when trying to load friends list

Hi - I've already been reading lj_dev for a while in case of new things I might want to know, but wanted to ask a question that may be able to be answered here:

For the last few hours now, when I attempt to load any pages for friend's lists, I get these two messages:

"Fatal error: Can't call method "quote" on an undefined value at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ljlib.pl line 3000"

and then "Timeout rendering page" when I click "refresh".

The page I request eventually comes up, and I havent noticed a pattern to how often this happens, but I thought it might be good to mention it regardless. I'm using IE v 5.5, if that helps.