February 13th, 2002

hacking, nerdy

PATCH: Alternate index.bml when logged in.

I think that some of the information on /index.bml doesn't need to be there when one is logged in.

So, I've made a patch to replace the paragraphs with a more condensed version, when you're logged in.

You can test it here. (user: test, pass: test)

Let me know if I did something wrong, i.e. style, format, etc., or if this isn't wanted at all.

The patch can be found here here.

BML question: When I started, I had planned on returning $body at the end of the _CODE block, but I realized it displayed without me doing so. Why does this happen?
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nc=x feature

this user has sent in a support request regarding this feature.

I thought someone from lj_dev might want to reply.

"Please bring back the "nc=x" feature in comment URLs. They went away after the last code upgrade and I neeeed them...

Is it coming back? I read it would come back as an option but I don't see that either."


Hmm.. I have no idea whether this is my intermediate web-proxy, or some other strange theory of operation for Internet Explorer, but the following occurs with livejournal:

I view my friends list through /~darkdaze/friends, then look at their comments.. and if I press the 'Back' key, I get reverted to what seems to be a random (but recent) point in my journal.

Running Internet Explorer 6, and dependent on dialup rack I get onto, I have an intermediate web-proxy (transparent proxies, don't you love em..).
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I've joined this community because I'm willing to help. I'm a competent programmer and designer, and I speak C++, Perl, SQL, and other things perhaps less relevant to this community.

Instead of asking a lot of questions you've heard before, I'd like to know whether there exists a roadmap for LJ, or at least an up-to-date task-list/to-do page somewhere, so I can catch up, find out what's in the oven, and what needs help, etc.

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