February 7th, 2002

i wanna be a cowboy
  • teedz

Concept: Fuzzy Matching Interest Lists

Pre: I don't pretend that this would be easy to implement, nor would I even know how to particularly go about it, but I thought I'd raise the idea for discussion.

I have an interest on my profile page, "spiritualized®". Most people, of course, have the more simplified "spiritualized" listing. It occurred to me that perhaps, maybe even sometime way down the road, LJ could implement a "fuzzy search" for interests, so that users could find other people who have similar interests, but might list the interest slightly differently. That's the reason people use the interest page, after all, right? I dunno. Anyway.

It would appear as third section on the interests page:

Relevant Communities:

Interested Users:

If you like this, you might check people who have the following interests, as well:
(list interests that match the fuzzy search, like "spiritualized®" for "spiritualized"), and vice versa.

I don't know much about the heuristics of fuzzy logic, but it would be a neat addition, if someone had the time and/or interest to add it.

I wondered even more about having "meta" words for interests, to aid in any sort of fuzzy matching, but figuring out how to implement that is a whole different world of hurt.

talk* URLs

Currently clustered users' talkread.bml URLs look like:


I'd like to propose they be changed to:


Where 'e' stands for 'entry'. I was thinking j=journal&u=23434, but then then 'jay' looks like an 'eye' (what is the spelling of the letter i?) in certain fonts.

Of course, the old URLs will continue to work. I'm just getting sick of the huge URLs already.


Update: Okay, I hate my idea now also. So now I'm thinking what Evan suggested: use the ideal form and hack it with mod_rewrite for now.