February 4th, 2002

But an introduction is in order


I am new to livejournal and extremely new to lj-dev. But I am very enthusiastic about contributing, not very sure where, so I am just getting a feel for things. Hrmm looking at the posts I see some people trying to run LJ on IIS, that has caught my eye. Well I am currently studying Computer Science, so I can probably help out in some aspect of technical upkeep.

Any gurus' who want to guide this newbie or accept me in any of the current projects.
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Embedding LJ...

I'm just wondering, whether it is possible to embed the latest entry only into a homepage using customview.cgi or if another mechanism would work for this purpose.
Anyone, who already did that or has any suggestions? All solutions including PHP, CGI using Perl oder Python are welcome.

If OT for lj_dev, I apologize but IMHO it fits best here.
Thanks in advance.

Update: I forgot to mention. What I am asking for is a ready formatted output as customview.cgi does. I didn't want do implement parts of the LJ protocol just to get a single entry, which I have to format myself.
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Ghost entry

I know this community is not Support and I have already posted a request (#34701) there, but I believe this goes over the top of normal support:

I think an error while posting left me stuck with a ghost entry that contains no text, is undeletable and that cannot be edited in any way.
It always gives the same error message: Client error: Can't edit post from requested journal either through the web client or the windows client.
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