January 27th, 2002

Bitey Gushi
  • gushi

Hey All.

I'm kind of new to the livejournal development thing, but I have a few interests (mainly client development for unusual devices such as email and messaging devices, pagers and cell phones, etc).

However, I was wondering what software runs the LiveJournal Load Balancer, and if it's documented somewhere how these load balancers ascertain the difference between paid and free accounts. If anyone can point me any links (either privately or publicly) please let me know, as I'm involved with another project that has a couple thousand greedy users that needs to trim the fat.

The situation I'm HOPING to implement is a single box situation whereby the load balancer, database, and two web servers (one throttled, one not) all run on the same system, as the site can currently handle that, and since it's a free site, the more boxen you colocate, the more $$$ the isp wants.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

LJ::strip_bad_code cleanup

This patch revises LJ::strip_bad_code so all it does is call LJ::CleanHTML::clean instead of duplicating much of the latter's code. LJ::strip_bad_code will also now filter out IFRAMEs, which can be used to sneak annoying JavaScript scripts onto a journal. LJ::CleanHTML::clean also has a modification to allow half-broken comments through if $keepcomments is defined. This lets CSS definitions on journals through. This patch is tested.

Get the patch here.
  • danis

Livejournal on IIS day 6 pt 2


i got MOST of livejournal to work on IIS right now and i am so proud of myself and thank you very much to ultatyrone or however you spell his name.


you can create accounts AND view your info... support works, and a bunch of other things do as well. i'm not sure about images yet, AND i am stuck now..
i don't konw what to do with the /users script... *scratches head*

as well, and more importantly *L* i need help with updating... whenever i try updating the journal it gives me this output :

Logging in to server...
Login successful. Hello, dani sarfati!

Updating journal...
Error updating journal:

Client error: Unknown metadata: Unknown property

any ideas???