January 23rd, 2002

  • danis

still stuck :(

i'm still stuck on the same problem.
is there a way to get an output of what is going on (like in debugging mode) with more verbose errors?
i have noticed using filemon that it looks for E:\dev\urandom and also, it has begun to find the bmlp.cfg file in the cgi-bin directory... yet still spits out the same error message. as well i have seen these "buffer overflow" errors in the fielmon software. i'm not sure exactly what that means or if it has to do anything about it.. but it's just an observation..

anyways... /dev/urandom?
what do you do with that?

I can't do this one.... (don't know how... LOL)

I noticed a small problem and I don't know how to even begin to do something about it.
I tried to put in a search on an interest (web design) and was given the responce that there are over 5000 communities and users shairing that interest and that no list could be shown.

Isn't there some kind of HTML code you could use to show a partial list or just the list of communities.

Even just a search on communities by interst... with out the users.

Just an idea