January 20th, 2002

Cluster work

Anybody interesting in splitting the remaining cluster work with me?

I see a few major things to be done yet:

-- talk* (ugly.. I'll probably do this)
-- finishing adding per-user locking (checking for "readonly" cap like we already do in a few places now)
-- ljprotocol.pl (pretty easy)
-- misc bml (memorable, etc.)

I need to focus on homework for a day or so pretty intensely, so if somebody can work on something I'd feel better that something was still getting done.

All of ljviews.pl is done now, so if you're working on, say, ljprotocol.pl, you'll be able to see the results of your postevents/editevents/etc.
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LJ on Win2k

livejournal on IIS (NOT on cygwin)

has anybody done that yet?
well i'm going to try to do it... although i am kind of stuck. :(

so far i have the following perl modules NOT installed ;

i haven't tried the three LJ Specific modules yet though... and i'm suprised i found fcgi for win32 ;)

okay.. i compiled bmlp.pl to an exe file and am going to add that as an action to text/bml files in IIS.
i was just checking through the files though, it requires that i use a directory of /usr/home/lj - that won't work for me... is there a way for somebody to tell me which source files have paths in them?
as well... another problem is the /users directory mapped to a program... i don't know how windows will handle that.

i am using ActivePerl 5.6.1 as my perl interpurter, IIS as my webserver, and my freebsd machine is the DB server. :)

are there any more things i should look out for?
btw, i'm not really a "developer" i'm more of a sys admin..
thanks, and if you have any solutions you want to try with this please let me know :)

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