January 19th, 2002

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  • mart

Userpics Hanging Around

I deleted and replaced all of my userpics about a week ago, but I've just noticed that all of the old pictures are still working by URL even though they don't show up on my list. While it's nice that I don't have to go and fix all my links and stuff, I can't help thinking that this kinda defeats the point of limiting the amount of userpics. I also seem to remember that it did at one point delete dead userpics.

Can I rely on my images staying there, or should I start fixing the multitude of places where I referenced my old userpics? (which is actually only one or two spots anyway, I think)

  • evan

a note about untested patches

When a patch is submitted that is untested, what to you expect Brad to do? Put it on the live site and see if it works?

I don't think it'll happen. :)

WRT that interests patch, since you made the max interests number editable you could set it down to a number like three and then create the interests manually to test it, or (as Brad usually does to test load-related patches) write some Perl scripts to automatically stuff a few thousand interests into your database.

But really, a patch is no good unless it's guaranteed to work, and even in that case we have to carefully review the code before it's allowed on the site. Anything less can be better presented as a description; ie., "Add a variable to ljconfig.pl and change the max interest count in {x,y}.bml to use that variable," because Brad can do that himself just as efficiently as he can read through a patch and make sure it works.

Please, don't take this as a personal attack. Patches are most welcome, but we're trying to cut down on Brad's workload if at all possible. :)
  • halkeye

(no subject)

As per this suggestion i have changed how mood themes are returned..
and she's right.. it does look a bit nicer..

Wondering if i should be changing the get_dbs() function... does the new scheme make that call (without parameters) obsolete?

moodlist.bml diff

You can see the slight change here (it would be more of a change, but i only loaded in 2 moodthemes)

Update: Implemented
  • halkeye

(no subject)

Another quick patch..

This allows community maintainers to see poster ips (if ips are being logged of course)...

More of a cosmetic patch then functional. But was requested (lost the suggestions link)

test server: here
You have to login and test with password test
then view this..

community maintainers now can see ips...

talkread diff

I did a quick look to see if i posted this before or not.. seems like i havn't...
Duck - Yellow

interests.bml patch

This is a patch to allow users to add an interest from the interest.bml page even if there are more than 2000 users/comms listing it as an interest. Also allows a simple explaination of how to add an interest that no-one has listed as an interest already.

Interested? (*groan* that was a bad pun, sorry ;)


I haven't been able to test this, because it deals with large numbers of users having something as an interest, and I haven't got a server up and running with 2000 users on it ;)
  • halkeye

(no subject)

As requested, a change_community_admin command

Brad knows most of the details, as he specified them,
I did add the ability for the current maintainer to transfer ownership..
As well as the people will the comunitychange priv can transfer ownership of any community.

It can only be tested once by anyone else.. But would be able to tested on http://lj.halkeye.net by the test user.. it has ownership of test_comm right now..
I can set it back if needs be.. but the less amounts of time i have to the better.

Approprate diffs

(wasn't sure if i should post or just mail directly)

Update: Link Updated for spelling/grammer/etc
Duck - Yellow

Ok.. next go..

I have added/copied some code into interests.bml to allow adding on new non existing interests from interests.bml directly. Also included some verbage changes as suggested by colin. Also added constant definitions in ljconfig.pl.txt for the number of interests allowed per user, interests shown per user in userinfo.bml, modified userinfo.bml, editinfo_do.bml and interests.bml to reflect this stuff.


Also, these aren't tested.. so YMMV.. but they look ok :)