January 15th, 2002

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Has LJ stopped updating the number of comments on a post?

In pocketlj there is a post that says 4 comments. It actually contains (at least) 5!!
Also the most recent post in lj_nifty has approx 8 comments, but the LastN view shows none.

Ok, scrap this... the comment count as just caught up with itself, but it has taken about 15 minutes to do so!!
hacking, nerdy

PATCH: login at comment

Thanks to halkeye's helpful insight, I got my patch to work.

Let me know if there are any aesthetic problems with it.

Update: with some more help from halkeye, I have made the patch a little better. It would have told you that you logged in if you checked the 'login' box; now, it only tells you if you actually logged in.

And it checks to see if there are any errors before trying to log you in.
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Patch: fix the headings on the talk* pages.

These pages use the <lj user="...">-style formatting, but they use the person's "full name" (not their username) for the link text. This gets really confusing if someone sets their full name to someone else's username-- then, they can almost "forge" their identity as someone else...

The patch:
- headings now include both username and full name.
- removed the bold tag that was applied across all of the text which actually only bolded one (inconsequential) word.
- fixed the BML tag for communities so they use the /community/ URL instead of /users/.
- use that BML tag for posting in communities.
- we were using LJ::ehtml instead of BML::eall on the talkpost page, while we were using the BML one on talkread. Bad form!

Normal post:

Community post:

How this handles the forgery:

The patch:
hacking, nerdy

PATCH: make communities not deleteable

Working from this lj_dev todo item, I made a patch to remove the option of deleting a community.


Unfortunately, my patch doesn't take into account people who want to undelete a community. [Update: Now it does.]

Is this feature wanted? If so, did I go about it the right way?

Another thing: there is a workaround for this. One could change the community back to a user and then delete it. I'm not sure how this could be prevented (unless communities couldn't be changed back to users).